De-Modge Podging Glass, the easy way.

Title De-Modge Podge

Last year for my wedding, everything was black and gold. In a time where most weddings are rustic-y/vintage-y (and they are all gorgeous, seriously), you have me who likes things a little fancy. Black and gold screams fancy. Well, I think so. Anyways, off to Pinterest I went. Like I said, everything wedding is vintage-y now so there are mason jar things everywhere. I stumbled across these really pretty, glitter lined mason jars and a little light bulb went off in the head. Ding! Replace the mason jars with wine glasses and you have yourself an awesome centerpiece feature.


The day before the wedding, get it all set up.

Now, I changed a few things up as I only lined the glitter half way up instead of the entire glass because I put water in them and plopped in some floating candles. They gave off a pretty lightening at my lights-off reception! I can’t share a picture here just because all of my photos have guests in them. I have to respect their privacy 🙂

All I did was tape off the area I didn’t want glittered, painted some modge podge up to the line, and then sprinkled some glitter on. When it dried, I coated the glitter with another layer of modge podge with a little water mixed in.

Now, a year later I drug out all of my old wedding stuff to begin selling the stuff I won’t be using anymore since we will (hopefully) be moving soon. I kept a little of everything for memory but I had bulk in almost everything. For example, 34 wine glasses. I didn’t need them, they were taking up space in a giant tote that we could use for moving and storage and stuff. So I got them out and then it hit me, oh yeah- they are covered in gold glitter. Who is going to just so happen to need 34 wine glasses covered in gold glitter? Probably not many. So I knew I had to find a way to get the modge podge off. I read a few different ways online that involved buying some kind of fancy product. I then found one that suggested soaking for recently glittered glass. Mine had been glittered for about a year but I wanted to try it anyways except I took it one extra step extra to ensure good glitter removal and it was SO easy. I was surprised. I was expecting to spend hours prying the glitter off, if it was even going to be possible. I was so excited about how easy it was, I knew I needed to share it with others in case any one else had a glitter-y wedding or just loves to craft.

Soaked glasses

Nice and soaked in Palmolive and hot water. Ready to peel!

It just peels right off!

It just peels right off!

Sometimes in one piece.

Sometimes in one piece.

You would never know they were glittered.

You would never know they were glittered.

To de-modge podge:

  1. Fill your container (or sink or tub) with super hot water. As hot as you can get it.
  2. Take some Palmolive (I used about 5 tablespoons for about 20 gallons of water or more. So eye ball it according to whatever you are soaking your glass in).
  3. Soak for 1 hour.
  4. Peel the glitter (I suggest sitting on a towel or some kind of surface to catch the peels), or whatever you have modge podged on your glass, right off! Just with your hands, nothing fancy.
  5. Wash clean in your dishwasher or sink with warm water, so to get any last smears (there won’t be many), and to just to make it clean.

Have you had any fun modge podge adventures that you’ve needed to reverse? Hopefully my post can help in some way 🙂 or maybe you have some other methods you would like to share. Post in the comments below!


DIY: From Oatmeal to Glamorous Decor


I wasn’t sure which to put into the title, Storage Container…Vase…Decor… because really you can use it for whatever you want. Since I’m using it for Decor I went ahead and threw that in but seriously you can use it for whatever your heart desires.

The thing I missed the most after my wedding was over was all of the crafts. It was SO fun to sit and make ordinary things into glamorous things. So anytime I have a chance to DIY anything, I jump on it. This project was SO easy that anyone can do it. I also had everything already on hand so I didn’t have to buy anything. For those of you who may not have the stuff on hand, it’s a very cheap craft and it is completely customizable so you can use whatever colors you want.

This is what you need:

  • An oatmeal container- any size
  • Acrylic Paint Color of your Choice
  • Paint Brush
  • Modge Podge- original or gloss
  • Glitter the same color of your paint.
  • Piece of Paper
  • Water

Now, the fun part! Putting it together…

I recommend putting down a towel, things are going to get a little messy.

Paint your Oatmeal Container with the Paint color you picked out after cleaning out the inside. Our bedroom is black and gold so I chose black. You can paint the inside if you want to, but I just let it plain.

IMG_0194 (1)Go ahead and let it dry at least 2-3 hours. Acrylic Paint dries fast but it’s good to use your best judgement. You want the paint to be completely dry.


When it’s dry, it’s time to make it rain glitter!

Take your paint brush and paint a strip of Modge Podge. After you paint the strip, sprinkle the glitter on it making sure to hold your container over a piece of paper. If you skip holding it over paper you will run out of glitter fast! The paper catches the glitter and allows you to pour it back into your glitter container.


Continue until the whole thing is covered in Glitter. Then let it dry over night.

The next day, mix 2 parts water to 1 part Modge Podge in a bowl. Paint your water mix all over your glittery container. This will seal in the glitter so your vase isn’t constantly shedding glitter everywhere.


Continue until the whole thing is covered, making sure to get each and every inch. Don’t worry, it dries clear 🙂


Let that dry over night.

When you wake up, you have a fabulous, inexpensive, very glamorous decor piece for your house.


I sat it next to a candle and another DIY Bottle Project I made about a month ago on our dresser. I love it and plan on adding in some of our leftover wedding flowers! When my other thing of oatmeal runs out, I will probably make a gold one.

This is easy, inexpensive, and so fun to make. Buying a glitter vase like this at the store…I can’t even imagine how much they could cost and the fun is taken out of it.

Be sure and let me know if you plan on making this and what you plan to use it for. I love hearing from you!