The Wife’s Survival Guide: The First Trimester

1st tri
This is my first post in my new category Mommy Corner. As wives many of us are mothers or mothers to be, and being a mother does come into play when it comes to being a wife. While these are two separate roles, they both play off of each other in some ways so I think as wives it’s important to see each role as an individual but also see how they come together. Sometimes the two can clash but it’s important to make them “marry” together as well as possible!

So for my first post in Mommy Corner, I am going to talk about the most wife changing phase I have encountered thus far. The first trimester. Dum, dum, dum. For most women, they look back at the first trimester and see it as a time they are happy to put behind them. I am in my 13th week of pregnancy and I am soooo close to entering the second trimester. I am counting down the days guys. If you have had a baby or are in the first trimester now, I bet you are too. It’s a time famous for morning sickness, exhaustion, and crankiness (super understandable).

Having had to face all of these as my body adjusts to our very first baby, it certainly spun my life around and changed my day to day life to the extreme. I went from a hardcore cooking, cleaning, meal planning, grocery shopping, yoga doing wife to a wife who lives inside her back and belly pillow with her trash can right next to the bed. For a first time mom, I was expecting to face morning sickness but I wasn’t expecting to pretty much be out of commission for a little over 3 months and I was truly not prepared. So to help you ease through your first trimester, I have created a list of the things that made it a little easier for me to get through.

1. Mini Fridge: Smelling everything so strongly, it’ll be fun they said. Well guys, at least for me, it has NOT been fun. This was actually the first thing that made me think I was pregnant and it has been my biggest issue. Thanks to my super nose paired with my nausea, I have not entered my kitchen in about 2 months. The smells of food and the oven heating up and the sink and the dishwasher, it automatically throws me into a dry heaving spell. I can barely even walk past it without gagging. Now, how does one live without their kitchen? That’s where the food is, that’s where the drinks are. Well, for me a mini fridge has saved my life. When my husband isn’t home I live off food I can stash in my bedroom and I have my mini fridge filled with water. Without it, I would still be dry heaving anytime I wanted a drink of water. Who wants that? I have heard of so many mommy’s having trouble going into their kitchens thanks to their super nose. It’s always good to have a back up plan to go and grab something you can keep in your room away from the kitchen if you happen to have this problem. I’m getting some smell good cleaning products and wall plug in’s this weekend as my nausea is starting to fade so I can hopefully tackle the kitchen once again.

2. Leachco Back and Belly Pillow: Now while this is probably going to help you even more down the road when you start to get a big belly, it helps so much in the first trimester too. At some point your belly is probably going to feel sore, you’ll probably be told it’s best to sleep on your side, your boobs are going to hurt if you roll over on them, and the sickness in general is going to make you uncomfy and sleep may not come so easy. I was a tummy sleeper and thinking of sleeping any other way seemed out of the question but it was quickly turning on me and becoming harder to do as time went on. So I broke out this back and belly pillow and since night 1 I have had no trouble sleeping on my side. It makes sleeping or hanging out in bed a super comfortable experience. You can pop one side in between your legs that keeps your hips spread apart, it can prop you up when you’re watching tv, it keeps you from rolling over, and it makes everything so much more tolerable. Now, this is probably not going to be your hubby’s best friend as it does take up a bit of room but I’m sure he would take it over a cranky wife that has had no sleep. You can grab yourself one here! You will thank yourself. Leachco

3.) Take out menus/frozen dinners: As I mentioned in #1, I don’t enter my kitchen so sadly I had to put to rest my cooking. Sigh. You go into pregnancy with the idea that you are only going to eat healthy food. But if you’re like me, morning sickness likes to slap you around, exhaustion is something you thought you knew about before but now you REALLY know, and so cooking is the last thing you’re probably going to do. Doctors usually tell you to eat what you can stand in the first trimester, so I have been eating out a lot as my husband works 2nd shift. Quick foods become your best friend. Try to eat healthy when you can but if salads make you sick and pizza is the only thing you can keep down, eat that pizza! As the second trimester approaches, I think I have over worked myself with the fast food, so I am actually craving fresh foods and cooked foods. So just try and eat better when you can, in the first trimester, just make sure you get some kind of food. That’s most important.

4.) Preggie Pops: They made leaving my bedroom possible on most days. They are little sour candies that kill morning sickness. The first time I ran into morning sickness, I popped one in my mouth, and ahhh it went away and I was able to sleep. They can get real sour but it’s so much better than getting sick at the grocery store. If you have a babies r us near by, go by and pick some up! If not you can get them right here. I would go ahead and get two while you’re at it. I know they had ones like actual lollipops, then they had the drops (shown), and gummies. I preferred the drops as they go further and stay in your mouth longer. But get whichever you think you can love the most. I am so thankful for these candies.

preggie pops

5.) TUMS: Heartburn is so real. It keeps you awake, it makes you extra nauseated, it makes you uncomfortable and miserable, TUMS have saved me quite a few times from  going crazy. I suggest the mint flavored, I think it’s less chalky flavored than the fruit flavored and mint is known to be easy on tummies. Just go ahead and have it on hand, you’ll really want it when you need it.

6.) Tylenol: One thing about being pregnant, what you can put into your body is limited. Especially when it comes to medicine. Tylenol is what you can take for any headaches or aches and pains you get (headaches become quite mean around 13 weeks), and like TUMS, you’re really going to want it when you need it. Hormone headaches are terrible. So you certainly want to safely treat it when they come.

7.) Leggings/Yoga Pants: There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable than something cutting into your growing stomach (ahem, jeans). And you’re already uncomfortable from all your symptoms, you will want to be as relaxed as you can be. When you’re super bloated, and your boobs are hurting, and you have a headache and heartburn attacking you, and the feeling you are going to throw up any second, you don’t want to feel suffocated in jeans or tight clothing. The first trimester is awkward because you are growing out of your old clothes but not quite big enough for some maternity clothes. So embrace all the stretchy clothes you have!

8.) Orange Juice: Going back to point #3, you probably aren’t going to be loading yourself down with tons of milk and healthy foods, and orange juice is a way to not only get nutrients in your body but it also fights off sickness. Pregnant women have weaker immune systems and catch colds and things easy and as we are limited to medication, orange juice can really help out your immune system. Try and get OJ with calcium. A lot of prenatals don’t have a lot- if any- calcium in them and calcium is very important with a growing baby. If baby doesn’t get enough from your food, baby will take it from your bones. I got little cartons of OJ that I keep in my fridge and usually try and drink one a day. Sometimes 2! 🙂

9.) Ginger Ale/Sprite: Anything that helps your nausea is something you want to embrace. I know for a lot of mommies water becomes hard to handle on a sick stomach, and something fizzy and bubbly truly helps. These are caffeine free and can help tame a sour tummy and you get fluids if you can’t handle water. Try and still drink water, as it’s probably one of the most important things you need during pregnancy (try some drink flavoring if you are having trouble) but really- sometimes your stomach just demands some sprite. I love mind ice cold with ice.

10.) A loving husband: My husband has been a life saver to me. He has changed my trash, made me food, cleaned things up, rubbed my back, got my medicine, prayed for me, and supported me. Some days will get tough, you’ll feel over whelmed and weak. Nothing helps quite like your hubby helping you navigate through it with prayers, kind words, and helping you do the things suddenly you just can’t do anymore. Lean on him during this time and let him know he is much appreciated and one day you’ll probably cook again 😉

Now, you may not need all of these things. You may not have nausea (luckyyyy), your kitchen may smell like roses, and you may already be a back sleeper. But it’s wonderful to be prepared for what comes your way. And even though the first trimester seems just awful, it’s all for the best cause and it’ll be over and soon you’ll have your sweet little baby in your arms and the first trimester will be a thing of the past and it will all be very much worth it.


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