3 everyday things

My hubby and I have a pretty basic routine when it comes to our Monday-Friday and most people do. I have worked out our routine to where we fit important things in our day that I think all couples should try and make room for. They seem to be pretty basic things but not everyone gets to fit in these things. On paper they don’t seem major and are probably the first things you cut out if you are having a hurried day. We are on a second shift schedule but these are things no matter what shift you are on, you can typically fit them in somewhere. Everyone is different so some of you may not be able to, but I suggest trying them when you can. They are small things but make a big difference.

1.) Pray together: The couple that prays together, stays together. It’s an intimate moment between you and your spouse and God. You become one when it comes to your needs and it gives you a moment to express thankfulness together as one. also, two people praying for one thing is always better than one. You should pray for your marriage, pray for your family, and common goals. Check out this post focused on marriage specific prayers if you need guidance. You can do this when you wake up (a great way to start the day) but only if you won’t rush it, you want to be able to take your time with this and get into the moment so if mornings are rushed, try it before bed, the middle of the day, before a meal, whenever you can squeeze it in!

2.) Share a meal together: I don’t know about you, but me and my husband have a common love of food and really bond over it. Our favorite thing to do is go out to eat together, we don’t do this daily but we do have a meal of some sort together each day. It’s a good time to enjoy something together in the day. Even if you plop down in front of the TV and eat, it’s a shared relaxed moment which is important to enjoy each day.

3.) Talk about your day: This is the most important one. My husband and I always check in through out the day with each other and make sure we are having a good day but when my husband comes home we talk about our day in detail. Talking about your day not only helps you personally- to get things off your chest, but it keeps each other in the loop. Imagine going through each day not knowing what your spouse is doing and experiencing and going through, that part of the world would be dark to you, and as much time as those who work spend at work, it’s a big part of their life. So it’s amazing to connect and feel part of that piece of their life. It’s so important to feel connected on all levels in marriage.

I spend the day looking forward to these moments with my husband. We both do our own things through out the day, as he works and I do my things at home, so it’s amazing to sit and connect with him a few moment’s out of the day. I try to have as many of these moment’s as possible but life does require certain things from us, like work schedules. But if you put your foot forward and do these things, even on the most quick and busy schedule, you can stay connected which I cannot express enough of the importance of.

What do you and your husband do daily? Sometimes routine’s aren’t a bad thing! They help keep the important things in check.


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