Easy to go Peach Iced Tea

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Peaches, oh that sweet sweet smell. Being someone who is allergic to everything, including all acidic fruit, it makes me appreciate the things I’m not allergic to even more- like peaches. Now, if I get too messy with them I still break out but nothing like I do with lemons or pineapples or tomatoes or…you get it. But, peaches are my saving grace. They taste PHENOMENAL and like I said, I can enjoy them without fear. So any time I can incorporate them, I want to.

Lately my husband has given up soda (yayyyy!) and as a treat from time to time he enjoys tea. He also shares a love of peaches so it came to no surprise that when they went on sale (I got 8 of them for $1.87!) and I brought some home, he requested some peach tea. I was all over it. I am no stranger to flavored drinks, especially teas, so this came pretty easy. But when I saw my husband’s mason jars that I use for his Easy to go Iced Coffee, and thought heyyyy, we can make the peach teas even better, put them in mason jars so they are easy to grab on the go! Picking him up from work last night all I had to do is grab one out of the fridge and get on my merry way.

If you don’t dabble too much in the kitchen, homemade peach iced tea may sound complicated. But it’s really not. I promise, any of you with some peaches and a pantry can pull this off easily. Take a look and see for yourself…

What you need:

  • 3 Peaches- sliced
  • 1 Cup of Sugar
  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 2 Lipton Iced Tea Bags
  • Mason Jars- optional.

Throwing it all together:

See this prettyPeach Syrup pink stuff? That’s what’s going to put the peach in your peach tea. Isn’t it beautiful? You kind of hate to spoil it by adding some boring brown tea, but once you taste it- you’ll be like, who cares what it looks like when it tastes like this?!

and as I promised, it’s really easy to make. All you have to do is take your water and bring it to a boil. After that stir in your sugar, let it bubble for a minute. Then take it off the heat, add in your peaches, and let it sit for a couple of hours to come to room temp. Once it is, you can store it in a jar like this until your ready to use! Or, if you are ready for that tea, we can go ahead and start mixing it all up!

The next part, you’ve probably already done. Brew some Tea. Bring 8 cups of water to a boil, and then steep 2 LLipton bagsipton Iced Tea Bags for 5 minutes. One your done steeping, take out the bags and set aside.

Take 3 mason jars and fill to the first line with peach syrup. My jars it was to the 4 line.

Nowwww, add tea to the last line at the top.


tea all together

And lastly, seal on the lid, give it a shake, and then let it come to room temp before refrigerating.

See? I keep my promises! 🙂





To make it even better, add in some ice, and take it outside to enjoy the summer weather. Enjoy it for me too because where I live, it’s been raining for 2 weeks now :/

Feel free to send pics of your sunshine filled day as you enjoy your Peach Iced Tea! Hope to hear from you. 🙂


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