#BreakYouMake My deserving mother

As I sit here, drinking my fruit smoothie, eating my granola, listening to some soft music I feel at such peace. Life has been good to me lately, I have been blessed beyond measure. I am so happy to have these kinds of moments to sit and relax and reflect on my life. I understand that this is a blessing in itself. There are so many people out there in today’s world that lack these type of blissful moments in time. They are busy running from one place to another, distracted with phone calls and emails, without a second to lose. I was just reading a questionnaire that Chobani Flip had conducted and they said nearly half of the people they asked don’t take a break and most of them only got one if they scheduled it. It was then that I realized just how blessed I actually was for my breaks. I don’t have to skip a break, I don’t have to find time to relax for a second, and I then realized that there are so many people out there living lives without something I have easily taken for granted.

My mother is one of those people. She has been one of these people for as long as I can remember. Which is why I am nominating her for Chobani Flip’s #BreakYouMake movement. When I read about what Chobani Flip was doing and the facts they had found, I thought of my mother the entire time as I read along. And if you knew my mother, you would too. But since you don’t, let me tell you a little bit about her.

Looking at my mother, you see beauty, happiness, and an immense amount of joy. Which are only three things my mother is filled with. There is much more than meets the eyes with her. YIMG_2100ou would never imagine this joyful and bright person who lights up the room, had experienced a lot of loss in her life or that she has been through tough times in her life. Times that not all of us are forced to dealt with. She has and will always be the strongest person I know. If I were to lose my mother, my sibling, and my child like she had in just a few years time, I think I would break. Well, I know I would. I couldn’t imagine that a smile so beautiful would ever cross my face. But with her, I’ve known it the entire 23 years I have been in this world. During the hard times when she was raising me as a single mother, during those times she was so exhausted she couldn’t imagine walking another step, let alone go into her 12th hour of work, even during the times when I was being a bratty teenager and all I wanted to do is push her buttons, she smiled. Through everything her smile remains, but…she is still going, and I would love more than anything for her to get a break that she deserves more than anything, a break she would never ask for, because she is also completely selfless.

Speaking of her selflessness, here my mother is volunteering her only day off that week to help the needy in our community. She got up at the crack of dawn, instead of sleeping in- IMG_2098something she never experiences-, and went out on the very cold and rainy day that it was, and helped pick up families that had no transportation to make it to this event to receive the help they desperately needed, and then she stayed and worked. She spent her day handing out free food and clothes to those who were struggling instead of staying in bed like most of us would. Oh, and there’s that smile again! 🙂


and smiling again! Even without a camera pointed at her.


So why does she only get one day off here and there? Well, you may not be able to tell, but in this picture she is working her second job. That she clocks in at, at 5pm right after she clocks out at her other job at 4:30. She barely has enough time to make it there, let alone enjoy a nice break. But, she spends the rest of her night, on her tired feet and helping customers with that famous smile on her face that spreads warmth wherever she goes. And as you can see, she doesn’t let her aching feet get her down- she’s too busy making silly faces, because she loves life despite what falls on her. She needs that second job because being a single mom in this world is tough, and without complaint, she makes the very best of it.

IMG_2095 (1)

As you probably guessed by now, but just in case you didn’t, she is also full of LOVE. Love for everyone she meets. Just last month, a customer had sent in her granddaughter to pay her bill at my mother’s first job, and she shared with my mom her bike had been stolen. So what did my mom do? Because of her loving heart, she found that little girl a bike and took it to her, just 2 days later. The little girl in the picture, she is the beautiful Abby.Our baby cousin, who my mom would easily lay her life down for. Regardless of her not being her own child, which you would never know because my mom treats her and everyone else in this world, as if the were her own. She doesn’t meet a stranger and she makes sure to spread her love to not just her cousin, or the little girl without a bike, but to every person she will ever come across, no matter who they are.


How is this woman, that has dealt with so much, so happy? Look in this picture. You will see her at the very front of the church, lifting her hands up to the Lord, and praising her for all of the blessings he has given her. She doesn’t see darkness, she doesn’t see negativity, she doesn’t see anything bad in this world. All she sees is good, despite what she has faced because her faith is unshakable.

My mother is my hero, she has shown me what strength, love, compassion, and joy are without even explaining those words to me. All I had to do is grow up by her side, and I am so glad God allowed me to. My mother works, 14 hour days every week, sees the inside of her home very rarely, serves the community on her very little downtime, and always makes time to thank God for her blessings. She goes and goes, and she does not stop, unless it comes to helping someone and sharing a smile. So Chobani Flip, if there is anyone in this world that deserves a break, it’s this incredible woman I have featured here. If there’s anything in this world I hope to never do, it’s to take her heart for granted.

Please visit breakyoumake.com and http://www.chobani.com/products/flip#strawberry-summer-crisp to find out more about Chobani Flip and how they are helping people across the world, like my mom, realize the importance of a break, and just how to make the most of it.

Let’s hear it for hard working people like my mother and for Chobani Flip for helping people enjoy their breaks a little lot more.

Chobani pic


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