5 Prayers to say everyday for your Husband

My days have been filled with snow cream, naps, and snuggles all week. It’s day 4 of being snowed. On Monday we got 14 inches of snow, which is very rare nowadays. We get a snow like this like once every 10 years. While it was awesome to see such a snow fall and be snowed in with my hubby for 4 whole days (6 day weekend!), it is a little stressful when you can’t get out of the drive way and make it to work. We are on one income, which is a blessing to be able to afford but when my husband can’t get to his job, it makes the budget a little bit tighter. Thankfully his boss let him use 1 vacation day and I have master budgeting skills to make it work. Don’t ask why in the world his work didn’t shut down when the rest of the county did, because I still haven’t been able to fathom it myself just yet.


I’m super thankful that regardless of all the snow, that me and my family and friends have kept power. I prayed and prayed for God to keep everyone’s power on because saying it’s cold here would be an understatement. We had record breaking cold temps here today, which is why my husband was snowed in for a 4th day. The roads seem to be cleared out but a nice layer of ice has formed on the snow that began to melt yesterday. So all our tires could do is spin and spin and spin this morning. Here’s hoping all of the winter snow came at once and we won’t have to deal with any more large amounts of snow for the rest of the year!

Last week I posted 5 things you should pray for your marriage, everyday , and this week I wanted to post a similar piece focused on just your husband. Prayer is powerful and I have seen it work in amazing ways. I think it’s really important to pray for things that others need as well, not just ourselves. After all, I’m sure prayers from others has helped you out in one way or another at some point. When it comes to praying for your husband, keep the prayers selfless. Instead of praying for him to just do the dishes or help you around the house more, pray for his own well being. What loving wife wants her husband to be less than happy? Not any of them that I know. There are a ton of prayers we could pray over our husband but there 5 I think are especially important to be blessed with every single day of the year.

Safety. In a world full of hazard’s left and right, it’s never a bad thing to pray for your husbands safety. Especially when they work in environment where injuries can occur easily if they aren’t careful (like my husband). He has came home with burns and bruises quite a few times. Instead of whimpering over them, I pray that he be more careful and that God protects him from major harm. Growing up my Dad almost got his finger cut off by a machine and my Papaw has had a few spider bites from Brown Recluses from his job that ended up requiring surgery and he almost lost his entire hand. I’m thankful none of these things have happened to my husband but you never know what will happen. So say a prayer for God to look out for your husband and protect him from harm each and every day. I know there have been many times where I should have been badly hurt but by the grace of God ended up dodging it.

Spiritual Guidance. God guiding my spirit has been such a relief and life changing thing for me. God always knows what’s best for us and being able to trust in God to lead us down all the right paths gives comfort on a whole other level. I’m so glad that most days I am able to remind myself while I’m in the middle of a mini panic-attack that God has my back and that I shouldn’t sweat it because God will work it out. It calms me down almost every time (I’m trying to get better at it). I pray for my husband to be able to trust in God and follow him in each moment of his life. I pray that he can turn to God in his moments of weakness and seek guidance on what to do and receive comfort. I want my husband to be able to experience the wonders of God, just like I can.

Fulfillment. It’s so easy to want, want, want, isn’t it? It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the mind set that “I don’t have enough”. I pray every day that my husband can be fulfilled in the moment for the life he has been given. I pray God gives him fulfillment so he isn’t always feeling like he wants more and more and more. Sure, there are things we can and should try and reach for to better our circumstances. But many of us are pretty blessed to say the least. When we have the feeling of wanting more, we feel less than happy. I don’t want my husband to ever feel like he doesn’t have enough. Instead I want him to be grateful for the blessings he does have.

Laughter. What is life without laughter? My husband makes me laugh everyday and even if I am stressed out, the moments I spend laughing with him is a moment I am spending lighting up and enjoying life. I pray everyday that my husband can always have a sense of humor and will always be able to laugh at some point in his day. Even if it’s just for a second. Laughter is a little vacation from the stress in your mind. Laughter is present in some of life’s most precious moments. I pray that his life is full of laughter (so far, so good, he laughs at almost anything) so he can always look back and remember those moments in his life instead of the less than funny ones.

Happiness. Of course, this is an obvious one, but the most important. I pray that my husband is always happy. I pray for that every single day. I don’t expect him to be happy in every little moment, we all have those strained, stressed out moments in life. But I pray for him to be over all happy when he looks at the big picture. I pray for him to know what will bring him happiness and to embrace it always. No one needs a life that is full of unhappiness. So I pray that he is over all happy with most aspects of his life and when the unhappy ones come, he can surround himself with the things that do make him happy. Happiness is everyone’s ultimate goal and I pray my husband has it, every single day.

I spend a decent time in prayer everyday. I usually pray before bed, a little when I wake up, and when I shower, sometimes when I drive. You can never pray enough and no prayer is insignificant. Each one is heard and answered in some sort of way. Remember to pray for your marriage and your husband when you are thanking God and praying for some relief from the cold weather. It will change his life.

Praying for your and yours! Stay warm.

What are some prayers you pray for your husband everyday?


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