My Top 5 Pinterest Valentine’s Day Ideas.


Valentine’s Day is coming soon! I am was just discussing our plans with my husband. It is bittersweet that it falls on a Saturday. My husband is off so I actually get to spend the day with him BUT it being a Saturday, the restaurants will be so packed. Where we are currently living with my mother for the next few months as we save up for a house, we feel the need to go out and get away that night. However, the wait will be worth a romantic dinner with my hubby.

During the Holidays, I flock to Pinterest for cute and creative ideas. I come up with my own but it’s also fun to see what other’s suggest in case I come across cute ideas there too. There are a ton of cute ideas on Pinterest this year that I wanted to share with my readers. I had so many I loved, but in the end, these were my Top 5 favorites of all the favorites!

1.) A Sensual Box

Senses Box

loved this idea when I saw it. It’s creative and uses all 5 senses. I think I myself would love to receive this gift. It’s customizable to suit your own husband and what he likes, but think senses. For example, Smell: Cologne, Hear: what about a favorite CD? You get the idea. You can find the original article here to see how to put it together and what she used.

2.) A Giant Heart Gift Box

Anyone can get Heart Neopolitanan ordinary box of chocolates. But your husband isn’t just ordinary. He’s special with his own favorite kind of candy. Most of us have our favorites in a box of chocolate and then we have some of our not so favorites. By creating him a giant heart box filled with things you know he loves, he won’t have to skip over the ones he doesn’t like and waste them, he will like every single thing in the box! The original post and how to is I think i’ll be making one of these for my hubby!

3.) One year of Dates Envelope

This was Year-of-Dates-Gift-Ideasuch a super sweet idea. And talk about convenient. Sometimes dates can become routine, dinner and a movie every time. They are wonderful too, I very much enjoy my nights out to dinner and a movie with my husband but this envelope spices things up and it creates a way to save money too. You have 1 date at Home and 1 Out. So you are having 2 dates but only spending a lot of money on the only one that involves going out. Instead of having to ponder on what you should do for a’ll have this envelope on hand. You won’t have to think about it, you just grab the envelope and see what is in store. You can customize it to your own town too! If I can come up with enough date ideas, I plan on doing this one too! Go visit the original post to find out how to make it, right here.

4.) 14 days of Valentine’s Day

This one is exci14 days of Valentinesting and sweet, all in one. Imagine waking up everyday to a new treat. You will spend the day pondering on what the next one will be while you enjoy the one you got that day. You can buy your husband’s favorites and start giving them to him on the 1st! Maybe giving him his favorite on the 14th. Check out the original post to see the cute things she left on the treats to give you some ideas to leave your sweet hubby.

5.) Sticky Note Heart of Love

Talk about swooPost-it-notes-for-Valentines-Dayn! The idea of leaving him a big heart of sticky notes is cute enough, but putting a reason why you love him on each one is incredibly sweet. Put it in a place he will see Valentine’s Day morning when he wakes up. This could be his car windshield, the bathroom mirror (just make sure he won’t see it in the middle of the night if he gets up),or the refrigerator. He will have the perfect day once he sits and reads all of the reasons you love him. Some people put this on cookies, but I like the idea of paper because he can keep them forever. Here is the original post with 39 more Valentine’s Day Ideas!

What do you plan on doing for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Do any of these ideas give you an idea? Let me know in the comments below!


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