Celebrating Halloween with your Husband

Three years ago I met my Dear Husband at a Halloween Party. I was so close to not going. I had just started becoming friends with the girls I went with. It was my new friend’s, friend’s party. I’m a pretty introverted person and was just then starting to get out and do more things socially so I convinced myself to go. I saw my husband the second I entered the house. He was extremely handsome and captured my attention. He was being loud and brought so much excitement to the room. He was drunk, and this is why he was acting this way. He is also pretty introverted and probably more shy than I am, so I’m thankful he had been drinking that particular night. The next thing I knew, I too was drunk and was no longer a bit shy. We ended up dancing in a group circle along with some of his friends and then as the others paired off, the two of us did as well. I don’t remember anything past that other than staring in his eyes and going in for a kiss as my friend’s told me it was time to go (what a bummer). We exchanged numbers and he texted me the very next day. We were flirting friends for awhile, he said he wasn’t interested in a girlfriend and I needed to make sure he wasn’t some random guy at a party looking for a one night stand. We were both very wrong and became close friends who clearly wanted more from the other. Us being the shy kids we were, we tip toed around everything until we couldn’t take it anymore. I invited him to my Birthday Party, then over to my house to watch Finding Nemo (he had never seen it!), and that night we had our first offical sober kiss.  Soon, we were quite the item and were extremely inseparable. 3 months after our first official kiss, he moved in since he practically lived with me anyways, 9 months after the kiss we were engaged, and 4 days before our 2 year dating anniversary, we were married. Needless to say, Halloween is a very special holiday for us now. Without Halloween, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Halloween is mainly focused on children and trick or treating. That’s the first thing you think of when you think Halloween. It probably brings up some of your best memories too. If you have children, it’s probably the reason you look forward to it. Dressing the cuties up into little costumes and taking them out for some candy. For some adults, it’s about dressing up and showing as much skin as you can and going out to a party filled with alcohol and candy is just an added bonus. My husband and I fall in between those two things right now. We don’t have children and as thankful as we are for Halloween parties, that isn’t our scene anymore. There are so many neat and creative ways to celebrate Halloween that you can enjoy with your husband and I just had to share them with you.

  1. Candy and Scary Movies: Yes, it may sound cliche, Scary Movies on Halloween. But that is part of the fun! Half of the Scary Movies are cheesy but some out there are actually frightening, even if it’s just from jump scares. Go to the store and stock up on some of your favorite candy and bring up Netflix and get ready for a sugar filled night full of giggles and screams and enjoy it. Here are some scary movie’s on Netflix you may consider:
  •  Dead Snow- Apparently this one will also make you laugh, Nazi Zombies.
  • The Paranormal Activity Movies- I actually like these movies. They are creepy and have a following story.
  • The Caller- Any movie about someone dead calling you, CREEPY.

2. Halloween Inspired Snacks: Check out all of these cute Halloween themed foods. If you like to         cook like I do, you will have just as fun making these as you will eating them. They will certainly             put you in the festive mood! Check these fun treats out!

3. Haunted Houses: I promise you, as cliche as they sound, they are actually a lot of fun! Even if            you don’t get scared that easy it’s fun spending a night holding your husband’s hand as you walk            through some pretty creative Haunted Houses/Trails. You probably will have a scream or two, but if        you really don’t think you will, I promise you will have some laughs and make some memories. It’s          worth participating in and almost every town has a few to choose from.

What do you and your spouse do to celebrate Halloween together? Share your idea’s and tips below!

Have a Happy Halloween


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