National Coffee Day

There are so many National Days for so many things. Many of them are made up on Social Media but some of them are actual official celebrated days, such as National Coffee Day. When I read about National Coffee Day I was quick to participate. I find it perfectly fitting for Monday too. I myself even woke up with some Monday blues, but then I headed to my espresso machine for a mood and much needed energy boost. Normally on these “national days” that were created on Social Media, I just admire others posts about the subject but for this official celebrated day, I had to share my morning caffeine treat. A delicious, perfectly sweetened, perfectly flavored, DIRTY Chai Tea latte with a hint of vanilla!


And my fellow coffee lovers, I know quite a few places, like Krispy Kreme and McDonald’s, are giving away FREE cups of coffee. So if you are out and about today, stop and get a free cup of caffeine delight.

What are you enjoying on this delicious day? Did you manage to snag a free cup of coffee?


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