Reader Requests: What do you want to see?

The things I write about come from many different places. Sometimes I’m dying for chocolate and want to create a new brownie recipe, sometimes I’m asked for marriage advice, sometimes I go through something personally. Whatever sparks my ideas, I want to share it with you guys, fellow wives along the journey of marriage that often have some of the same obstacles ranging from a picky eater husband to a stressed out husband (see my post about Stressed Out Husband’s here ).

I wanted to reach out to you, my readers, the people who benefit from my articles, to see what content you guys feel the need to see. What are some issues you have that you would like some guidance on, what are some recipes you would like to know how to make, what are some household tips you need, and the list goes on because we as wives are very busy with all the many different roles we hold. 

Please comment your requests below or see my contact page on how to contact me privately with your suggestions.

I appreciate you all as readers and as fellow wives. Thank you for any questions and suggestions you may have and I look forwarding to writing about what you guys want to hear about!


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