Easy to go, freezable, chicken burritos.

easy to go chicken burritos

Every week, coming up with an idea for my dearest husband to take to work and eat for lunch is a chore. He doesn’t ever have any ideas on what he wants, poor thing. He will spend hours thinking of something yummy, yet not your typical can of Chef Boyardee. Not that anything is wrong with some good ol’ Beefaroni, but it’s not the healthiest and not something you always want to eat everyday. Since I have stopped cooking while pregnant during the week- I can just now watch the Food Network again without wanting to run for the trash can, I’m glad he can take something home cooked to work with him at least. An hour during the weekend is much easier on my gagginess than standing in the kitchen everyday for a few hours. I have came around to cooking on the weekends now so often times we will try and cook his lunch while cooking dinner, two birds, one stone.

While it is always a chore coming up with lunch ideas for him, he always has 2 go to’s that he loves- burgers and burritos. If we can’t think of something, we go that route and sometimes he simply just wants the burgers. The thing about burgers and burritos though is that they aren’t always the healthiest. Yummy, dripping with grease, ground beef is always good, is it not? But terrible for your body. Dearest Husband has been trying to eat better after we lived off of take out and easy cook foods my first trimester and most of my second trimester. So I went to my usual drawing board, now that I can think of food again and found a way that he could still enjoy his burritos without the grease, chicken burritos! At first he wondered how good chicken burritos could really be…and my friends, even my picky little baby currently residing in me, loved them. So take my word for it when I say, they are yummy! They remind me a lot of the grilled stuffed burrtios from Taco Bell without all the guac and tomatoes.

They also double win for me too because they are SUPER EASY. The more time I can spend resting my tired eyes and extra plump body, the better it is for me these days!

Look at this list of ingredients guys, it makes 8-10 giant burrtios. I say 8-10 because I could have made 10 but I ran out of tortillas after 8 and had lots of leftover shredded chicken, so if be prepared with however many tortillas you want.

What you need:

  • 8-10 burrito sized flour tortillas
  • 1 12oz can of Refried Beans, I just used Kroger Brand.
  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 1 cup of shredded Cheddar or your favorite shredded cheese. 
  • 1 pack of taco seasoning.
  • 2 Tablespoons of Taco Bell’s Fire Sauce (you can buy this in the bottle at most grocery stores. I have seen it at Kroger and Walmart).
  • 1 bag of ready to cook rice, your favorite flavor. I used Knorr’s Mexican Rice. 
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (for rice, optional).


Super Easy Prep! :

  1. Boil your chicken breasts for about 15-20 minutes or until middle is no longer pink.
  2. Cook your rice according to directions on the package.
  3. Drain your chicken, pop them into a bowl, and take a hand mixer to them for about 20 seconds, just to get a good shred going.
  4. Sprinkle on your packet of taco seasoning and your fire Sauce.
  5. Continue to shred with your hand mixer until everything looks shredded evenly, about 30 seconds or so.
  6. Set up an assembly line, place your tortillas out on the table, your cooked rice in a bowl, your refried beans in a bowl (I recommend microwaving them a bit in order to smear easier), your cheese, and your chicken in it’s bowl.


  1. Take your burrito and place it out on the surface in front of you.
  2. Smear on some refried beans, I would guess about 1/4 cup- give or take depending on how much you like. We just need to be able to wrap the burrito up in the end 🙂
  3. Sprinkle on a big spoon full of rice, probably about 3-4 tablespoons.
  4. Sprinkle some cheese on top of your rice, don’t go crazy but just eye ball this amount to your satisfaction. I did about a tablespoon or so.
  5. Then a big spoon full of chicken! About 1/4 cup here, again, eye ball it to your liking, just be mindful of your room to fold.
  6. Fold your burrito. I tend to tuck in the sides, flip one side over, and then roll tightly. I understand my instructions are awful on how to fold a burrito but google can assist you in a good way 🙂 chicken burritos
  7. Roll in aluminum foil and put it into a freezer bag.
  8. Repeat until you are finished! freezer ready


When you are ready to eat one, pop it into the microwave for about 1 minute on each side (depending on your microwave). They are so easy to heat up and just as yummy. These burrito’s are really customizable to your liking, just be sure to use freezer friendly ingredients.






So, you want to buy a house.

buying a house

A lot of people in today’s time look forward to home ownership. Renting comes to feel like you’re just kind of throwing your money away. I know me and my husband wanted to avoid renting at all costs so we could invest our money into something we could own. We were recently approved for our mortgage and bought our first house! We are currently waiting for everything to run through so we can close and move in! As of now our closing date is the day before Thanksgiving- so it should be a fun holiday weekend.

Thinking about it, some wouldn’t know how long it takes to get prepared for a house. It’s not always as easy as making the choice to buy, looking at homes you like, signing some papers, and then moving in. It requires a lot of strategy and takes some time to get done. We finally got it all done so I thought I would compile a list of everything we had to do to acquire our mortgage for those who may be wondering where to begin.

  1. Meet with a mortgage supplier: This could be a mortgage company devoted to mortgages or a bank. Set the date for about a year before the time you want to be buying the house. If you can’t go around the one year mark, go as as soon as possible, but a year is the best time because it gives you plenty of time for the rest of the steps. A banker or mortgage supplier can help you figure out which mortgage would be best for you. There are quite a few different mortgage options out there and they are not all, one size fits all. Everyone’s situation is different and you will want to get the best deal there is. If you meet with someone and they aren’t giving you the help you need- you can look for someone else. We met with two different suppliers and had we not met with the second supplier, we wouldn’t have a house right now. After finding out which mortgage fits you, you can usually research different banks and suppliers and see what kind of interest rates they offer on the particular mortgage. If you know a realtor or someone who knows the business- ask them for a recommendation of where to go, I know our realtor had a wonderful connection with the business that gave us our mortgage. Make a plan with them on how to prepare your situation for the best type of mortgage. You may need to start saving for a down payment for example.
  2. Check your credit score: There is a great chance the supplier you meet with, will run your credit and inform you of what it is and then tell you where you need to be in order to get the mortgage. Your credit score is a major (if not the most important) deciding factor in getting your mortgage, so pay attention.
  3. Fix any credit errors: There are many places online you can go and see the details of your credit report. You can get any of the top 3 credit agencies to run you a copy (you get one free copy a year), or there are other websites out there that you can get an estimate on your credit score for free. Keep in mind, a mortgage will usually be based off your middle score and that many free credit reporting sites give you their best guess or what is called your FAKO (not your FICO) score (their best guess). So don’t go off of them completely. They can vary sometimes by 40-100 points than what you actually have. Always go by what your mortgage supplier/bank tells you because that is the score that is going to matter. If you get your credit report and see anything that looks fishy or odd, call the credit reporting company to find out what you can do to get it removed. Credit report errors are very common and something a lot of people over look.
  4. Pay off your debts: Your debts matter for two major reasons: 1.) Credit Score and 2.) DTI (debt to income). The more debt you have, the lower your credit score is. The more debt you have, the higher your debt to income ratio is. If your debt to income ratio is too high, you will not be approved for a mortgage because so much of your funding goes to your other bills. Now with your credit, you do need SOME debt- enough to prove you are responsible enough to have debt and to manage it maturely. Usually good debt includes 2 credit cards or so, and/or loans. Whom ever is supplying your mortgage will be able to guide you on what you need to do if you need more debt and they will tell you if you need to get some debts down. Once you see what debts you need to pay off, it’s time to come up with a plan to pay these debts off. What I like to do is calculate the total amount of debt, divide it by the number amount of weeks (or every two weeks or monthly depending on how you often you get paid) there is until I want to be approved for my mortgage, and then that will give me the amount of money I need to put back each check/week in order to pay off the debt in the correct time frame. Then you just have to stick to that plan. The more weeks you miss your goal, the more weeks you are pushing back getting into your home. You are familiar with your financial situation so if you can’t pull off an amount weekly- it may be easier for you to pull it off monthly because you may have more money at certain times of the month.
  5. Protect your credit: Your credit is now your baby. You need to protect it with everything you have. There are many things that can harm your credit that you need to be aware of so you can prevent these things from happening. Some of these things include: having your credit ran (this occurs when you apply for any type of credit. A store credit card, a car loan, a secured credit card), adding more/new debt (unless your supplier advised it), being late on bill payments, etc. Always give your best effort to avoid any of these things while purchasing a home.
  6. Check back in with your mortgage supplier: Close to the time when you are ready to buy your home, check back in with your mortgage supplier. See how everything is lining up to the plan you guys created and if more steps need to be taken and if not, when is a good time to come in and apply for your loan and/or get a pre-approval letter to take with you when you meet with a realtor to purchase a home. Having a pre-approval lets you and your realtor know how much money you can afford to spend on a home and it will make putting an offer on a home much easier.
  7. Find a realtor: Once you’ve gotten through the mortgage process, find a realtor (google some reviews of good ones in your area and feel free to ask them questions), and them get to house shopping! Which is a whole new ball game I will be tackling later 😉 One step at a time.

Did anything else help you get approved for a mortgage that was not listed here? Feel free to share! 🙂

When someone tries to rain on your parade.

Parade Rain

We’ve all been there I think. You have such wonderful, joyus news. Or you might just be in a super happy mood. And then here come the jabs, the comments, all trying to turn your beautiful sunny day parade into a rain fest with the attempt of making you want to go home and climb under the covers on such a gloomy day. So many people in the world love raining on people’s parades, some do it on purpose, some don’t. Regardless, there is a way to fight off the rainy attempts, unlike real weather- so you can enjoy your sunshiny day. I have had my fair share of rain clouds pop up during my pregnancy and I have been able to figure out how to avoid them, mostly because I have a low tolerance for rainy day people as it is, but also because when you have such a happy thing going for you in life- you don’t have the time for rainy days.

Let’s look at these steps as if we were building one big umbrella. Read them. Store them in your mind for the next time a rain cloud seems to be heading your way. And enjoy your happiness.

Step 1- Try and find reasoning: Do you think there is a certain reason why this person is trying to bring you down? Remember- misery loves company. Are they going through a tough time? Do they feel threatened by your happiness? Do they have a jealously issue? Bad day? Sometimes the answer isn’t as clear to see as others. Sometimes the answer is simply that the person is just a less than grand person. But if you can pop yourself into their shoes for a minute (not literally guys) and think about what may be going on, you might get a sense of why they may be acting bitter. Regardless of their reasoning, it’s not cool to bring others down. But when you can find the reasoning- it becomes a little less personal of a situation and you can turn your focus to the next steps to building your umbrella.

Step 2- Weigh their importance: This is important for step #3. When someone is trying to bring you down, weigh out the importance that they play in your life. According to how important they are will depend on the solution you go after. For example, a solution to your mother trying to rain on your parade would be handled much different than if it was someone you barely even make contact with. If you are in constant contact with someone, problems need solving in a more direct manner. And if it was someone you aren’t that close to you can handle it in a more indirect manner.

Step 3- Finding a solution: Like I said above, it all comes down to how important this person is in your life.

If it’s your mom, spouse, best friend,etc– When they try to rain on your parade it’s going to be a little more in depth to find a solution as it becomes harder to just ignore. It will usually end in a conversation or a simple sentence, letting them know that “I understand they are having a bad day but that kind of hurt my feelings” or you can ask about their day and explain they seemed a little off/different and so you wanted to know how you could help. Sometimes they’ll open up, sometimes they’ll apologize, sometimes they won’t. The important part is to not get heated yourself and calmly move through what’s going on without allowing them to create one giant rain storm on your head. I preach communication in healthy relationships. When you ignore problems they linger and get bigger, and bigger. So if the person plays an important role in your life, have a friendly and caring conversation, keeping #1 in mind so you can see where they are coming from but also protecting your happiness.

If it’s someone you are “stuck” with but aren’t close with: It’s tough when you are stuck being with a person in your life that loves to rain on your parade. Such as a coworker or distant family member. This isn’t a situation where an either direct or indirect response comes to play. It can be either. Obviously with these people, it’s best to keep the peace. But not at the expense of your pretty little umbrella. Thankfully there is usually a solution in there somewhere special to the circumstances. For example, a snappy coworker is someone you have to see daily. So this is going to require a more direct response as bitterness in the workplace will just lead to resentment and for you to hate your job. Trust me, I have been there. You don’t want to go along with your everyday life extra dreading work because you have issues with a coworker. I would look at the close family solution with this one except perhaps not be so blunt about obvious issues they may be having unless it’s needed. Politely let them know you are sorry if something happened in their day but that it kind of bugged you when they snapped at you but again- you are sorry if their day isn’t going so great and you will help if you can. If the coworker is usually peaches and cream but is having a horrible day sometimes it’s easier to just read step number one and go on to the next day. But if it’s a repeat offense or someone that isn’t exactly friendly to begin with, take the conversation route. And then you have distant family, like a cousin you may talk to once or twice a year. Which this situation, if they just aren’t being very friendly- ignore them. Let them go on with their life. If they make a rude gesture or do something obviously crappy, go the direct route with the same conversation you just had with your coworker. Don’t let someone run over you, but pick your battles. If they are just grumpy, let them live in grumpyville and enjoy your sunshiney day from across the room or where ever you may be. If they don’t feel like chatting or seem to be ignoring you, that can be their issue because even though you are stuck with them- you won’t be dealing with their less than awesome persona everyday. But again, if they are obviously offensive directly to you- pull out the “I’m sorry but…” card.

People you don’t know/don’t see/ aren’t stuck with- Such as facebook friends, a lady at your mom’s work, someone you really don’t have to handle/see if you don’t feel like it, don’t even waste a breath on them unless they again- directly attack you. There is a lovely feature on Facebook where you can unfollow a person. If they aren’t important but try and rain on you- hit that unfollow button and go on with life. Or you can even unfriend them- just be prepared for a “why?” Sometimes a why is worth it though. Pretty much the philosophy here is, if you aren’t close to them- then you don’t have to tolerate them. Don’t even take a second to let the rain cloud even come in your distance. Leave those that live in grumpyville in grumpyville and remind yourself of step 1. Sometimes even those people you are stuck with, you can apply the same methods too. You can always unfollow that distant cousin.

Step 4- Move on: This is the fun part, sometimes it takes work but it’s worth it. Just move on from the situation. If your mom had a crappy day and you sorted it out with the conversation, move on. Don’t think about it too much beyond then. Dwelling on things leads to misery and your sunshine will slowly disappear to be followed by little rain droplets. If you unfollowed the person after they were being snide on Facebook, forget about them and focus on those that do love you. if your coworker apologized, don’t be angry the next day. Enjoy the day. Solve the problem, and then move on from it. Or else you’ll create your own rain cloud, and that’s the worst.

Note: If someone continues to rain and rain and rain on your parade. It may be time to think about putting some distance between you and that person. Look at your options and see what you can do to stay away from that person as much as possible/as long as you need. NO ONE should have to deal with people always putting a damper on their life.

We all have a beautiful life. We all have the right to happiness and sunshine filled days. Some will be rainy, but you don’t have to let people bring you the rain. Sometimes they will and you’ll have issues with the above steps- but keep trying anyways. Grudges, rain storms, unhealthy forced relationships, they all equal hurricanes when they build and build. Look out for your happiness and protect it with everything, because you deserve it.

The Yes, No- NO rule.

You may have heard of it, something similar to it, you my not have, you may be practicing it or you may not. This post is for those of you who don’t know about it and may want to bring it in to your marriage, or a refresher for those who have heard of it. It is certainly a rule we have in our marriage, even before we knew about it.

The rule is simple, If one spouse is okay with something but the other is not, then it’s a NO go. 

…when it concerns both of you and I imagine most everything will. Of course smaller things don’t fall into this category: such as where to eat for dinner. Comprises come into play with those sort of things. But when it comes to major choices, this is a great rule of thumb. One I am mostly reading about people experiencing is during baby names. If one person hates the baby name, then the name is no longer on the table.

It’s important to be on the same page when it comes to large decisions. It important for each person to be comfortable with what is happening in their life. It also eliminates one spouse always getting their way with things. It’s vital for each spouse to feel in control of their life and feel that they are equally important in life decisions. Without this comfort, this equality one spouse may feel “lesser” with can lead to resentment later on down the road. Especially when they look back on certain parts of their life and see all their choices were made for them. They may begin to keep their opinions, their feelings, and their problems to themselves which snow ball into bigger issues- because they feel that they don’t have a voice. Small things often turn into big things if they are pent up.

I can preach all day on how communication is VITAL in every marriage. With squished communication- the relationship can suffer.

If you struggle with this role, do the good ol’ fashion trick of putting yourself in their shoes. It really does work wonders. Pick something that would make you uneasy in your marriage, in your life, in your parenting role, and imagine it being pushed on to you.

Compromises are great, but sometimes things are too important to just come down to a compromise. Most importantly, do whatever works for your marriage and helps it the most. Your marriage is your love story, your spouse is your life long partner. if yo utake anyone seriously, it should always be your spouse.

Gender Reveal Party Decore: BABY sign

We are T-Minus 10 days until our gender reveal party (and only 5 days until we get to see what baby is for ourselves, woohoo)! I am beyond, beyond, beyond excited to pop that balloon and share if we are having a little L or a little P with our family and friends. I have been dreaming of a gender reveal party since long before we even decided to try for a little one. So now that the time is here, thanks to Pinterest and some fun ideas, I am prepared for it all. It really didn’t take much thought about everything I wanted. Long ago I came across a gender reveal party and someone had a BABY sign with pink bows and blue bow ties. I definitely wanted to make it so off to Hobby Lobby I went and then spent a couple of hours in craft bliss and I am here today to show you how to make your own.


What you need:

  • Cardboard letters: B-A-B-Y
  • White paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Hot Glue
  • Thin Blue Ribbon
  • Thin Pink Ribbon

You can buy letter’s already painted…for $10 a piece OR paint your own for about $3 a piece.

IMG_2795 (1)

Time to paint! Paint it all white. You may need to put on a few coats, I put around 3. You can stop whenever you feel that it looks good. Be sure if you’re pregnant to pop open a window and turn on a fan if the paint has strong fumes and I suggest painting on a towel. I use the same towel for painting things so I’m not constantly ruining towels.

IMG_2797 (1)

Now, the boring part. Letting it dry. Acrylic paint usually dries pretty quickly though 🙂

Let’s make some bows! I found it trouble making the bow times for a boy, so I made actual ties! Which were easy and turn out really cute.

IMG_2805 (1)

Cut two pieces of ribbon and then cut one into a triangle on the end (like a tie end).

Next add a drop of hot glue on the top of the ribbon (on the straight side), and then place the the straight edged ribbon on top of the glue horizontally, making a T.

IMG_2806 (1)

Turn the T upside down, place a drop of glue on the back on the ribbon (in the same spot as before), and then wrap the two ends of the ribbon around and glue them down. Turn it over and look, a tie!


Sooooo cute 🙂 Repeat and make another.

Now for girly bows! 🙂

IMG_2809Cut one strand of pink ribbon, a little on the long side- about 3 or 4 inches.


Place a drop of glue in the middle of the ribbon and fold one end and glue it down. Put another drop of glue in the middle, and glue down the other side.

IMG_2813Cut another strand of ribbon, put a drop of glue in the middle of the two loops, and lay the new strand of ribbon over the drop of glue.


Turn the bow over and glue down the two extra strands. Just like you did with the tie.

Now girly bow is done 🙂

Time for the cutest part!


Glue it on the letters in the correct places. I found that A and Y work best for the boy ties and the B’s for the girl bows!

At the party, set them up on a table somewhere cute! I plan on putting them on the back on the food table.

The Wife’s Survival Guide: The First Trimester

1st tri
This is my first post in my new category Mommy Corner. As wives many of us are mothers or mothers to be, and being a mother does come into play when it comes to being a wife. While these are two separate roles, they both play off of each other in some ways so I think as wives it’s important to see each role as an individual but also see how they come together. Sometimes the two can clash but it’s important to make them “marry” together as well as possible!

So for my first post in Mommy Corner, I am going to talk about the most wife changing phase I have encountered thus far. The first trimester. Dum, dum, dum. For most women, they look back at the first trimester and see it as a time they are happy to put behind them. I am in my 13th week of pregnancy and I am soooo close to entering the second trimester. I am counting down the days guys. If you have had a baby or are in the first trimester now, I bet you are too. It’s a time famous for morning sickness, exhaustion, and crankiness (super understandable).

Having had to face all of these as my body adjusts to our very first baby, it certainly spun my life around and changed my day to day life to the extreme. I went from a hardcore cooking, cleaning, meal planning, grocery shopping, yoga doing wife to a wife who lives inside her back and belly pillow with her trash can right next to the bed. For a first time mom, I was expecting to face morning sickness but I wasn’t expecting to pretty much be out of commission for a little over 3 months and I was truly not prepared. So to help you ease through your first trimester, I have created a list of the things that made it a little easier for me to get through.

1. Mini Fridge: Smelling everything so strongly, it’ll be fun they said. Well guys, at least for me, it has NOT been fun. This was actually the first thing that made me think I was pregnant and it has been my biggest issue. Thanks to my super nose paired with my nausea, I have not entered my kitchen in about 2 months. The smells of food and the oven heating up and the sink and the dishwasher, it automatically throws me into a dry heaving spell. I can barely even walk past it without gagging. Now, how does one live without their kitchen? That’s where the food is, that’s where the drinks are. Well, for me a mini fridge has saved my life. When my husband isn’t home I live off food I can stash in my bedroom and I have my mini fridge filled with water. Without it, I would still be dry heaving anytime I wanted a drink of water. Who wants that? I have heard of so many mommy’s having trouble going into their kitchens thanks to their super nose. It’s always good to have a back up plan to go and grab something you can keep in your room away from the kitchen if you happen to have this problem. I’m getting some smell good cleaning products and wall plug in’s this weekend as my nausea is starting to fade so I can hopefully tackle the kitchen once again.

2. Leachco Back and Belly Pillow: Now while this is probably going to help you even more down the road when you start to get a big belly, it helps so much in the first trimester too. At some point your belly is probably going to feel sore, you’ll probably be told it’s best to sleep on your side, your boobs are going to hurt if you roll over on them, and the sickness in general is going to make you uncomfy and sleep may not come so easy. I was a tummy sleeper and thinking of sleeping any other way seemed out of the question but it was quickly turning on me and becoming harder to do as time went on. So I broke out this back and belly pillow and since night 1 I have had no trouble sleeping on my side. It makes sleeping or hanging out in bed a super comfortable experience. You can pop one side in between your legs that keeps your hips spread apart, it can prop you up when you’re watching tv, it keeps you from rolling over, and it makes everything so much more tolerable. Now, this is probably not going to be your hubby’s best friend as it does take up a bit of room but I’m sure he would take it over a cranky wife that has had no sleep. You can grab yourself one here! You will thank yourself. Leachco

3.) Take out menus/frozen dinners: As I mentioned in #1, I don’t enter my kitchen so sadly I had to put to rest my cooking. Sigh. You go into pregnancy with the idea that you are only going to eat healthy food. But if you’re like me, morning sickness likes to slap you around, exhaustion is something you thought you knew about before but now you REALLY know, and so cooking is the last thing you’re probably going to do. Doctors usually tell you to eat what you can stand in the first trimester, so I have been eating out a lot as my husband works 2nd shift. Quick foods become your best friend. Try to eat healthy when you can but if salads make you sick and pizza is the only thing you can keep down, eat that pizza! As the second trimester approaches, I think I have over worked myself with the fast food, so I am actually craving fresh foods and cooked foods. So just try and eat better when you can, in the first trimester, just make sure you get some kind of food. That’s most important.

4.) Preggie Pops: They made leaving my bedroom possible on most days. They are little sour candies that kill morning sickness. The first time I ran into morning sickness, I popped one in my mouth, and ahhh it went away and I was able to sleep. They can get real sour but it’s so much better than getting sick at the grocery store. If you have a babies r us near by, go by and pick some up! If not you can get them right here. I would go ahead and get two while you’re at it. I know they had ones like actual lollipops, then they had the drops (shown), and gummies. I preferred the drops as they go further and stay in your mouth longer. But get whichever you think you can love the most. I am so thankful for these candies.

preggie pops

5.) TUMS: Heartburn is so real. It keeps you awake, it makes you extra nauseated, it makes you uncomfortable and miserable, TUMS have saved me quite a few times from  going crazy. I suggest the mint flavored, I think it’s less chalky flavored than the fruit flavored and mint is known to be easy on tummies. Just go ahead and have it on hand, you’ll really want it when you need it.

6.) Tylenol: One thing about being pregnant, what you can put into your body is limited. Especially when it comes to medicine. Tylenol is what you can take for any headaches or aches and pains you get (headaches become quite mean around 13 weeks), and like TUMS, you’re really going to want it when you need it. Hormone headaches are terrible. So you certainly want to safely treat it when they come.

7.) Leggings/Yoga Pants: There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable than something cutting into your growing stomach (ahem, jeans). And you’re already uncomfortable from all your symptoms, you will want to be as relaxed as you can be. When you’re super bloated, and your boobs are hurting, and you have a headache and heartburn attacking you, and the feeling you are going to throw up any second, you don’t want to feel suffocated in jeans or tight clothing. The first trimester is awkward because you are growing out of your old clothes but not quite big enough for some maternity clothes. So embrace all the stretchy clothes you have!

8.) Orange Juice: Going back to point #3, you probably aren’t going to be loading yourself down with tons of milk and healthy foods, and orange juice is a way to not only get nutrients in your body but it also fights off sickness. Pregnant women have weaker immune systems and catch colds and things easy and as we are limited to medication, orange juice can really help out your immune system. Try and get OJ with calcium. A lot of prenatals don’t have a lot- if any- calcium in them and calcium is very important with a growing baby. If baby doesn’t get enough from your food, baby will take it from your bones. I got little cartons of OJ that I keep in my fridge and usually try and drink one a day. Sometimes 2! 🙂

9.) Ginger Ale/Sprite: Anything that helps your nausea is something you want to embrace. I know for a lot of mommies water becomes hard to handle on a sick stomach, and something fizzy and bubbly truly helps. These are caffeine free and can help tame a sour tummy and you get fluids if you can’t handle water. Try and still drink water, as it’s probably one of the most important things you need during pregnancy (try some drink flavoring if you are having trouble) but really- sometimes your stomach just demands some sprite. I love mind ice cold with ice.

10.) A loving husband: My husband has been a life saver to me. He has changed my trash, made me food, cleaned things up, rubbed my back, got my medicine, prayed for me, and supported me. Some days will get tough, you’ll feel over whelmed and weak. Nothing helps quite like your hubby helping you navigate through it with prayers, kind words, and helping you do the things suddenly you just can’t do anymore. Lean on him during this time and let him know he is much appreciated and one day you’ll probably cook again 😉

Now, you may not need all of these things. You may not have nausea (luckyyyy), your kitchen may smell like roses, and you may already be a back sleeper. But it’s wonderful to be prepared for what comes your way. And even though the first trimester seems just awful, it’s all for the best cause and it’ll be over and soon you’ll have your sweet little baby in your arms and the first trimester will be a thing of the past and it will all be very much worth it.

Ways to make overtime easier

In most work fields, overtime is bound to happen at sometime. It of course has it’s good and bad sides. The good usually being some extra income, the bad being you can really miss your husband. Today I’m going to focus on when your husband works overtime as I am currently in this part of life. My husband has been working about 58 hours a week vs the normal 40. While we are super blessed for the extra income- especially with a baby on the way and with us trying to move, it hasn’t been fun, I may have even shed a tear or two (you can blame that on the hormones if you’d like but really any non-pregnant person could easily cry over this as well). Those extra hours really cut into your time together no matter when the overtime is spent (in my case, my husband works 2nd shift) and suddenly it sort of feels like you haven’t seen your husband in weeks, even though you have. It can be tough so allow me to share with you ways I conquer the time.

Keep Busy: In your down time, it can be easy to focus on the negative. It can be easy to focus on the fact that he’s not there and that your day is going down differently. But keeping your mind distracted can be a strong and powerful tool to get through any rough time. Pick up a new book (I really like starting a whole book series), find a new Netflix show to binge on (I have really liked New Girl, I just started Pretty Little Liars, and I have heard a lot of rave reviews of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), pick up an old or new hobby, hang out with friends, deep clean the house, start a new work out routine (I really suggest taking up Yoga), and the list goes on!

Focus on the future: Usually overtime is a temporary thing, it can help to keep this in mind and focus on a time coming up soon when things will be back to normal. Plan a date night to catch up on time together- it will give you something to look forward to. And knowing things are only for a short season can bring some positivity back to your mind that has been a little down later.

Keep up the communication: Make the most of any time you can talk with your spouse, breaks, when he gets home, before bed, before he goes into work. Your time is a little more limited for now so it’s even more important to make the most of your conversations and stay connected. Stay about your days, talk about your feelings, talk about your plans. Turn the TV off for awhile when you chat so you can really spend the time connecting instead of being distracted. Then get back into your normal routine so things feel as normal as usual and your hubby can get optimal rest time!

Hang in there ladies and really focus on the positives that come along, even if it is just extra income.